Three balloons over Reno640.jpg

In September 2010 I visited son Matt and daughter-in-law Jen in Reno, NV on the way to a work-related meeting in Las Vegas.  My visit coincided with the Great Reno Balloon Race, and a search on the web for images from prior years turned up pictures of a pre-dawn ascent of a group of illuminated balloons called the "Dawn Patrol."  I had to see it – and shoot it – for myself!  I dragged my dubious hosts out in chilly pre-dawn darkness, and we managed to find a good location (cleverly marked by lots of tripods!) to photograph the Dawn Patrol ascent.  This image and the ones in the Balloon Race gallery are the result of those efforts.

I have been working with some of these images on the computer for more than three years, but in putting together this web gallery I took a fresh look at everything and identified a couple of "keepers" that I'd overlooked before.

I guess a bit of "photo library bloat" can be a good thing.