CD Cover Art!

I am honored to have two of my photographs used as cover art for recently-released CDs. Both of these opportunities came about through my volunteer work as the still photographer for the serialized-for-TV opera "Vireo: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch’s Accuser."  You can read more about my involvement in this project and see the resulting photographs in my blog posts here and here.

The combined audio CD/video DVD boxed set of Vireo was released on February 28. Its cover features one of my photographs, taken during the filming of Episode 8 on Alcatraz after the park had closed to the public:

The second CD cover also came about indirectly through my work on Vireo. Members of the San Francisco Girls Chorus played major roles in Vireo. When the Chorus went looking for a colorful, eye-catching abstract image (instead of the usual picture of rows of girls singing) for their 2018 CD, Final Answer, they turned to the galleries on my website. They chose my image “Paintball” for the cover:

This photograph is part of a series taken at the “Graffiti Underground,” an abandoned coal pier on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Other photographs from that location can be found in this gallery.